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Do you speak Trench?

At the beginning of WWI, Thomas Burberry was tasked by the British army to create some solid and waterproof coats for its officers. As a result, Mr Burberry twisted his classic coats using a raincoat gabardine material, made out of a tight knit or tight cotton fabric; the Trench coat was born.

In 1918, the soldiers and their coats come out of the trenches and reinvest the streets; the trench coat goes from warfare to everyday wear. Their use extends to private eyes. The rest is history: in the 40s the coat having grown into a unisex piece becomes the key element in the closet of Hollywood stars as the embodiment of trendiness and chicness. A few blockbusters later, fast forward to the 60s and the trench coat is everywhere and in everybody’s closets.

Having entered the common visual language of fashion, many brands now produce and readapt Trench coats every season even though it is still often associated to its historic forbearer, Burberry. Reinvented, twisted, adapted but always oh so British, the Trench coat outlives generations and outwears trends, a rare and welcome sight in the fast paced fashion industry.

Francoise Hardy Trench vintage Imparfaite

Vintage or nothing.

Think of buying a vintage Trench-coat as investing in a beautifully crafted leather bag or inheriting of a pair of 70s boots from your mum. More than simple pieces of clothing, those items are true treasures that you will cherish for years to come and pass on to future generations. Each vintage piece is unique and has its own quirks. The trench coat, in its classic or edgy form will never go out of fashion. Buying a vintage coat is also a guarantee of longevity, as, indeed, the quality of vintage trench coat fabrics is way superior to contemporary ones. Moreover, it will have acquired, through living, a certain softness which means it will wrap your body and fit it like a glove. Who knows, it might have been the old coat of a famous Hollywood actress? We can only revel in the extra added mystery.

How to pick the perfect coat?

Don’t panic! There are only a few simple things to take into account when choosing your coat:


  • Fit wise, pick a slightly oversize Trench coat, but only very slightly! Beware to not choose it too big otherwise you’ll look like you’re applying for the lead role in a soapy detective movie, which frankly is not the vibe we’re trying to get with such a chic piece. For the best effect, pick a piece that is your size or up to two sizes up, not more!


  • Length wise, as a general rule, if you are tall pick a long one, on the other hand, if you have a petite frame pick one that arrives mid ankles lowest.


  • Sleeves cut at shoulder level for the petite frames, they add charisma and stature. For V shaped silhouettes, prefer Raglan sleeves (attached to the collar)

Tell me more?

So many options, so little time! The trench coat has become such an iconic staple that designers have reinvented it countless times throughout the century. In order to reunite you with your trench coat soul mate we’ve gone far and beyond to find out what really matters.

In the trench family, we have:

The classic

Beige, your forever best friend for everyday life and nights out.  Guaranteed fashion faux-pas proof: the classic beige trench coat looks good with everything and is a true crowd pleaser. Our all time favourite is obviously the Burbs one with the Tartan lining, London calling!

Imparfaite, how to find your dream Levi's 501 vintage?

With a twist

Khaki, dark blue, camel… as many chic hues as there are colours in the rainbow!

Imparfaite : Comment trouver le jean Levi's 501 vintage de ses rêves?

The daring one

Wild leopard print, stripes, gingham, squares… Your taste, your pick! Show us your creative side!

trench leopard Miroslava Duma vintage Imparfaite

The chilly one

To stay chic even in sub zero temperatures swap your classic cotton trench for a piece made out of tweed or wool.

Trench vintage adenorah

Belted or not?

Belted: looking for a quick and easy pick me up for your outfit? If you want to look chic even if you’re just heading to the corner shop to buy some halloumi, put on your trench coat and knot the belt, instant chicness guaranteed.


Tip: if your trench coat doesn’t have a belt, don’t worry! Simply add a chunky leather belt or a silk scarf to belt it.

Trench vintage avec ceinture

– Without a belt: wear your trench open like you would wear an oversize coat (your boyfriend’s?), and knot the belt at the back so it doesn’t dangle.

Trench boulangerie Jeanne Damas vintage

How to wear your Trench ?

« Trench coats make me look stuck up », « I love trench coats on other people but they don’t suit me » are things that we hear way too often.

We are convinced that trench coat suit everyone, whatever their shape, gender or age might be! It tones down an overdressed outfit but will also dress you up on a bad outfit day. Yes, even on one of these days, where you’re stuck in a never ending fashion rut and every single piece in your closet seems boring. The trench coat is the answer to all your fashion problems! The solution to days where the weather has a mind of its own and so do you.


With jeans (Levi’s 501 are our all time favs) paired with trainers or boots.

Jeanne Damas vintage Trench


With a long bohemian dress and loafers.

Alexa Chung trench vintage imparfaite 2


With a slip dress and sandals, to tone down a sexy look.

Capture d’écran 2018-10-21 à 12.14.06

Here is a selection of our most beautiful vintage trench coats

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